What Is Solar Monitoring?

PSI offer Solar Monitoring and Consumption Monitoring in 24/7 real time, giving you the Total Peace of Mind your system is working efficiently. Another key benefit for the consumer, is it gives them an allowance to make the right choice on whether you require batteries. PSI can accurately detect any issues with your system and if your system is not working efficiently, or at all, you can be assured we will know before you do allowing us to send a team of electricians to your premises to either rectify or report. Using 4G network cards offers a great advantage over the traditional WIFI network, since if the power to the property goes out, PSI can still watch your system as it does not connect to your router. With this availability, you will be to tell how much your solar system is generating at any given time of day, month or year. PSI remotely monitor your system so that you don’t have to, ensuring your system is always working to protect your investment. PSI offer this as part of our solar packages to ensure a Total Peace of Mind.