Solar Analytics is an Australian software company that has been established by several data scientists, solar industry veterans, dedicated PV exerts and developers. The company designs, develops and provides up-to-date energy and solar monitoring solutions to property owners.

Features Associated with Solar Monitoring and Analytics

  • See current solar production levels
  • Receive real time data
  • See how much energy is being consumed in your home
  • See existing system performance levels
  • Obtain system fault notifications
  • See how much money you are saving by using solar power
  • See how much money is being saved with solar power that is exported
  • Savings data is fully configurable, making bill checking far easier
  • Use the battery sizing calculator to determine whether you are able to store enough energy for your needs
  • Monitor batteries to ensure they are performing optimally
  • Receive battery-ready notifications
  • Obtain convenient monthly system reports
  • The app/software is compatible with any existing solar system
  • The monitoring device can easily be installed by any qualified electrician
  • The system is Australian-owned and there is an Australian-based support team on hand to assist you

We Have you Covered when Faults Occur

There are several reasons why a solar system could malfunction or experience other issues. If a problem occurs with your system, you will be able to rely on Solar Analytics Monitoring to accurately and quickly detect or determine system failures, faults or even reasons for under-performance. When your system is performing optimally, you will obtain the most value for money from it.

Save Money

When using Solar Analytics Monitoring, you will be able to optimize your level of home energy consumption to align with your existing solar system setup. Being able to see exactly how much solar energy you and your family are using each day can translate into hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of savings each year.

Adapt to an Ever-Changing Energy World

Electric vehicles, energy trading and batteries all form a part of the future of energy use, meaning that the way in which people interact with energy will be changing significantly. The Solar Analytics Monitoring tool will provide you with all of the information you need to deal with all of the upcoming changes.

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Battery Installation to new or existing Solar Systems – Solar Analytics a powerful tool

By measuring the consumption of your premises and the production of your solar system, Australian Solar Doctors will able to work out whether an addition of a battery is a worthwhile investment. If so, Australian Solar Doctors can work out the correct size of the battery required using Solar Analytics.

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If your solar system is broken or not producing as it should, let us diagnose the issue for you over the phone for FREE. It usually takes only 5 minutes to know find out what the issues is and how you can get back on track!