Having a solar energy system installed should be considered as a long-term investment on your property, meaning that it should be appropriately maintained to ensure that its level of performance remains as consistent and efficient as possible. It is recommended that property owners schedule a service for their solar systems at least once every two years.

Since we are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers (endorsed by Australian Solar Council and Master Electricians as MASTER ELECTRICIANS & INSTALLERS), it ensures that all of our installations are completed according to the strictest requirements of the solar power industry. Having your solar system serviced and maintained regularly will ensure that potential problems are detected as early as possible – before they become too costly to repair. It will also allow your system to continue providing you with energy for many years to come.

Much like vehicles, solar power systems require regular maintenance and servicing. We are able to offer you a complete system inspection and a report on the findings thereof to ensure that your system is operating, as it should. Because regulations regarding these systems and the components used to manufacture them have changed so much over the past few years, any units installed before 2013 may no longer be industry-compliant.

What we Check During an Inspection

Several aspects are checked when performing an inspection of your solar system, including:

#1 – Site Inspection

  • Identifying potential shading problems, such as new growth on bushes or trees
  • Panels are checked to ensure they are clean and free of debris
  • Equipment is checked to ensure that the appropriate warning labels are legible and correctly affixed

#2 – PV Modules

  • These are inspected to confirm that no fungus or dust has accumulated on arrays
  • Units are checked for signs of damage, defects or general deterioration such as browning, fractures, frame corrosion or moisture penetration
  • DC isolator enclosures and junction boxes are checked to ensure integrity and that no water has penetrated them
  • PV modules are inspected to ensure array mountings and fixtures are secure
  • PV array frames are inspected to ensure that they are secure and correctly earthed

#3 – Switches

  • These are inspected to confirm correct operation of all DC and AC isolator units
  • Circuit breakers and DC isolators are checked to ensure correct polarity and ratings
  • Fuses and fuse holders are inspected to confirm correct functionality
  • Measurements are taken to ensure that short circuit currents and open circuit voltages are within specified ranges
  • Electricians confirm that the solar array isolation device and earth fault protection system are operating as they should
  • Surge arrestors are also inspected if installed

#4 – Wiring

  • Conduits are inspected to confirm mechanical integrity
  • Insulation on cables not enclosed in conduit is checked to ensure it is not damaged
  • Lid seals, connections, cable entrances, conduit sealing, clamping devices and glands are also thoroughly inspected

#5 – Inverters

  • These are inspected for signs of overheating or debris buildup
  • Anti-islanding tests are carried out (disconnect for less than 2 seconds and reconnect after one minute)
  • LCD screens are inspected for fading/no visibility

#6 – Additional Aspects

  • Our electricians will also check whether there are any components on your system that may have been recalled by either manufacturer or Energy Safe Victoria and will provide you with a free non-obligatory quote to replace them
  • Electricians will also check for any worn or damaged components that could pose an electrical risk or fire hazard and if any are found, they will provide a free non-obligatory quote to replace them

#7 – Panel Cleaning (Optional)

  • If required, our electricians will thoroughly clean allof your system’s panels to ensure that dust, dirt and animal droppings are removed
  • If any salt residue is present, this will also be removed from aluminum framing and panel films

We Provide a Detailed Service Report

Within a few days of having your solar system serviced, the team at Australian Solar Doctors will provide you with a detailed report stating what work has been completed. The report will also contain information regarding any issues that may require urgent attention and free quotes will be provided to rectify them.

If you would like to book a maintenance call for your solar system, get in touch with us today. We will assist you in ensuring that your solar system will be able to provide you with sufficient energy for many years to come.


If your solar system is broken or not producing as it should, let us diagnose the issue for you over the phone for FREE. It usually takes only 5 minutes to know find out what the issues is and how you can get back on track!